Monday, 17 April 2017

N is for Nikki

This month I'm participating in A to Z Challenge, where 100's of bloggers around the world challenge themselves to write every day for the month of April, working their way through the alphabet.  I'm stitching the Buffy The Vampire Slayer alphabet cross stitch pattern (available from my Etsy store).  Each day I will share that letter's stitching, as well as a bit about the relevant character.

N is for Nikki Wood

Nikki Wood was the Vampire Slayer in the 1970's.  She became the Slayer when she was 15 and living in New York.  Nikki is notable for being one of the longest-serving Slayers (7 years) and for having a child (Robin).  Nikki was killed by Spike in 1977 following a fight on a train.  Spike then took Nikki's leather jacket as a trophy (which became part of his trademark outfit).

Nikki's son Robin moved to Sunnydale in 2003 (season 7) to be Principal of the newly re-opened high school.  He fought alongside Buffy in the series finale and rode into the sunset on that big yellow bus.

Nikki gave us a deeper insight into the history of the Slayer line, and into the lives of these Slayers.  Nikki was our proof that other Slayers had been real people, and had real lives, including having a child.  Nikki was Buffy's proof that there could be more to a Slayer's life than killing vampires.  And she had really cool hair.

After a comment by my mother, I feel the need to explain about the series finale.  If you don't want to know - stop reading here.

The Big Bad for season 7 was The First Evil, the source of all evil on Earth.  The First Evil first appeared in season 3 as the force that brought Angel back from a hell dimension.  The First Evil's plan for season 7 (with the help of Nathan Fillion) was to open the hellmouth and release pure vampires and demons to destroy Earth. They are also trying to wipe out the line of Slayers by killing all potential Slayers - all the girls with the potential to become the next Slayer on the death of Buffy or Faith.  The final battle takes place in the High School and ends when Spike (with the help of a magic necklace/amulet) blows up the hellmouth, causing Sunnydale to sink into a giant crater.  It's okay though - the Scoobies had arranged for the town to be evacuated earlier on.  In order to escape the giant sinkhole, the Scoobies and Potential Slayers (those that were still alive) jumped onto a yellow school bus and drove hell-for-leather out of town, ahead of the sinking town.  They stop to admire their handwork, and then drive off into the sunset.

Mum was worried that everyone in town had fallen into the sinkhole with the town.

Happy stitching!


  1. I rather liked that Buffy found out why it had been "only one" Slayer at a time and basically said, "Stuff that!" and made it so every girl could be a Slayer. It says to young women, "You are powerful! You too can kick ass." Yes, I remember the episode with the flashback to Nikki. Interesting that she lived long enough to have a child. Who was Robin's father? Not one who cared enough to be there for Nikki and his child, or she wouldn't have had to leave Robin alone while she went off to fight. And how does a Slayer make a living anyway? Poor Buffy had to go and work in a fast food joint and put any dreams on hold, because Slaying had to come first. You can't be a doctor or a lawyer and go out Slaying every night, assuming you live that long. You certainly can't get married unless it's to your Watcher, and I can't see Buffy marrying Giles, can you? He's more of a father to her.

    1. Very true on all points! I don't think Robin's father is ever mentioned. And I agree with you about the "how do they make money to live?" Seems to be the Slayers were killed off before they really had to worry about it, or their Watcher supported them. And no, I can't see Buffy marrying Giles. Or Wesley for that matter!!

  2. After reading the last comment, I am fighting the urge to go see if anyone in fanfiction or comics ever decided to flesh out who Robin's father was. It also would have been great if they spent a bit more time developing the Nikki character. Maybe a whole retro slayer show featuring her? Anyone? I'd watch. - Louise

  3. This is one of your best designs, I think. It helps that she has nice, distinctive characteristics, but you did a great job capturing her look.