Monday, 24 April 2017

T is for Tara

This month I'm participating in A to Z Challenge, where 100's of bloggers around the world challenge themselves to write every day for the month of April, working their way through the alphabet.  I'm stitching the Buffy The Vampire Slayer alphabet cross stitch pattern (available from my Etsy store).  Each day I will share that letter's stitching, as well as a bit about the relevant character.

T is for Tara Maclay

Tara was born in 1980 to a family familiar with the world of demons and the supernatural.  Her mother was a witch and introduced Tara to spells and magic, however passed away when Tara was 17.  When she was young, her father told Tara she was part demon on her mother's side, and that it would manifest when she turned 20 - this turned out to be a lie used to "control" the women of the family.

Tara attended UC Sunnydale where she joined a wicca coven and met Willow, and subsequently the rest of the Scooby Gang.  Tara helped Willow develop her magical abilities, and the two were soon in a relationship.  Tara was a background character to the Scooby Gang, shy and quiet. She assisted Willow with magical spells, however did not tend to actively participate in the demon fights.  Tara was shot and killed at the end of season 6, the tipping point for Willow becoming Black Willow.

Tara was introduced to the show when the writers needed a new damsel-in-distress - someone you weren't sure would make it through the episode or season.  This role had been filled for the first 3 years by Willow, however as Willow became stronger and more confident, it was harder to see her as a victim.  Tara filled this role perfectly for 3 years - she was quiet, reserved, and although able to do magic, she never grew as powerful as Willow.  Tara remained a member of the supporting cast and only made it to the opening credits for one episode - the episode where she died.  This was something Joss Whedon had wanted to do since the pilot episode, a "you can't trust anything" move.  He achieved it.  Fans were devastated.  Pure Whedon.

Happy Stitching.


  1. Well, it did lead to an entire new story arc.

  2. I think one reason people loved Tara so much was how good she was for Willow. Her magical powers were not so strong, but she had moral strength that Willow relied on. That's why it hurt so much when she was killed. Not only did it hurt Willow emotionally, it took off the brakes.

    1. I hadn't thought about it like that, but you're right - she was Willow's stability for a number of years.