Friday, 16 January 2015

I'm a Marshmallow - It's a new pattern!

I admit it.  I'm a Marshmallow.  I've been one for years, since I saw my first episode.

Marshmallow is the term given to a fan of the awesome television show Veronica Mars and comes from a quote from the pilot episode "You're a Marshamallow, Veronica Mars." Veronica Mars met all my criteria for a good show while I was at Uni - there was a mystery element, there was sass, there was great script writing, there was intrigue.
Meeting some of the VM cast - Wallace, Sherif Lamb, and Logan
I was one of those who was upset when the show finished far too early (and other rubbish was kept on) and who wished there could be more.  It was my second Firefly in that respect.  When I heard they were campaigning to make a movie, at first I didn't believe it (too good to be true) and then I jumped on board to show my support, contributing to the now-famous Kickstarter campaign.  I waited eagerly for the movie, devouring each of Rob Thomas' email updates.  I loved the movie and have re-watched it several times since its release earlier in 2014.  Now I am eagerly waiting for the delivery of the second post-movie novel which I pre-ordered back in July (I received an email last night to say it's on its way - hurray!).

As I said, I'm a Marshmallow.

All of this (there was a point, really) brings me to the exciting news that this week's new pattern on Etsy is...
Available from my Etsy store
I had a lot of fun with this one, coming up with different characters, quotes and locations to fill the different letters.  As always, if your favourite is missing you can order a custom pattern instead.

A is for Aaron Echolls, Logan's actor father
B is for Backup, Veronica's faithful companion 
C is for Dick Casablancas, the class clown
D is for Duncan Kane, Veronica's first boyfriend
E is for Logan Echolls, Veronica's true love
F is for the theme song "We used to be Friends"
G is for Gia Goodman, classmate and daughter of Woody Goodman
H is for Neptune High, the main location for the first two seasons
I is for Mars Investigations, Keith's detective business
J is for Jackie, Wallace's girlfriend in season 2
K is for Keith Mars, everyone favourite father
L is for Lilly Kane, who's murder was the basis for season 1
M is for Mac, Veronica's only female friend
N is for Weevil Nevaro, head of the PCHers 
O is for a pilot quote "Be cool Soda Pop"
P is for the PCHers, Neptune's biker gang
Q is for Questions and Answers, the basis of any detective show
R is for Rob Thomas, the creator
S is for Sheriff Lamb, who we love to hate
T is for the eternal debate - are you Team Piz or Team Logan
U is for Undercover surveillance, what every detective must do
V is for Vinnie Van Lowe, Keith's not-really rival
W is for Wallace, Veronica's best friend and ally
X is for Felix Toombs, who died.
Y is for the ultimate quote "You're a marshmallow, Veronica Mars"
Z is for Piz, Veronica's season 3 boyfriend

Happy Stitching!


  1. I just purchased this chart yesterday! Thanks for moving the bus off of Felix! It's the reason why I hadn't made the leap until now.

    1. :) I know - I can't believe I made the mistake! Only realised as I was writing this blog post and detailing the alphabet - it suddenly clicked that I'd confused Felix with the PCHer who dies in the bus crash. I can only blame late night pattern designing. Have fun stitching and let me know if you have any issues with it!

    2. this is all gobbledygook to me. I haven't watched any Veronica Mars unless you had it on whilst I was walking past. Not sure if my education is lacking or I am well out of it. Congratulations on another finish

  2. If you ever do a "figure" Veronica Mars alphabet or a Once Upon A Time one, please let me know! I'm still on the fence about which project I will be doing for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge.

    1. Ooo now you're inspiring me! I'll keep you updated. What's the April blogging challenge? Haven't heard about that one

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  3. Sorry, I should really read my posts before posting them and I won't end up with so many spelling errors! The A to Z Challenge is where you pick a subject or theme and do a blog post for every letter of the alphabet for every day of the month of April (excluding Sundays). Last year was the first time I did a cross stitch themed one, but mine do typically tend to lean toward the Disney spectrum: One year there were seven on hamsters!