Friday, 26 February 2016

Catching you up on some New Patterns

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I've released a lot of new patterns over my recent 8 month blogging hiatus.  I thought I'd try and catch you up on a few of them.

In celebration of the new Star Wars film, there is the Episode VII: The Force Awakens line-up:

Available from
 Continuing in the Star Wars theme,  is the Star Wars character alphabet, featuring 26 of my favourite characters from the franchise (or the-only-character-that-starts-with-that-letter).

Available from
This pattern was originally designed before the release of The Force Awakens.  Tonight I have released the Force Awakens additional letters!  Now when you purchase the Star Wars Alphabet, you receive a second pattern featuring 5 alternative letters for the main characters of the new film.

If you've already purchased the original Star Wars alphabet, don't worry - send me an email with proof of purchase and I'll send you the updated pattern FREE OF CHARGE!!

Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

So it's been awhile...

It's been awhile.

8 months to be exact.

A combination of burn-out and life just getting really really really busy.

So much has happened that I haven't told you about.  So much has happened I can't remember (ordinary day-to-day stuff).  But the highlights:

- I had a stall at Oz Comic Con in Brisbane.  It was awesome!  I met so many fellow crafters and fellow geeks, gave away a lot of business cards and sold a lot of patterns. I had a fantastic weekend and am planning on doing it again this year.
My stall at Oz Comic Con, and the Ravenclaw costumes my brother and I wore
- On that note, I met Evana Lynch!  Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.  Very cool.
Yes, she's holding my stitched Luna
- My friend and I went to the UK and Ireland for 5 weeks over Christmas.  We hit England, Ireland (North and South), Scotland and Wales.  We drove more kilometres than I can count and had an awesome time.  We visited the Harry Potter studio, made tin soldiers, and learnt about tasting whiskey.  So much fun.
Inside a snow globe, and having fun at the Lepricorn Museum in Dublin
- I've released a heap of new patterns, and spent a lot of time stitching up a storm.  I've kept Instagram and Facebook pretty up-to-date with that side of things.  If you haven't visited Fangirl Stitches on Etsy for awhile, it's probably worth a look - lots of new movie and TV show tie-ins ;)

- I also applied for (and received) a transfer.  I found out 7 days before school finished for the year, and 9 days before I flew out of the country for 5 weeks.  I got back from the UK 2 days before I started at my new school - it's an interesting experience trying to settle into a new job while you're still experiencing severe jet-lag!
Skimbles and Eevee "helping" me pack
So at the moment I'm house-hunting and sleeping in the spare-room in my Brisbane-based brothers' unit.  I'm commuting 45 minutes each way which is a shock to the system when you're used to a 2 minute trip!  But I'm enjoying the new challenges of a new job.  And hopefully soon I will have a more permanent place to live and can bring my fur-babies down to live with me (as soon as I can find somewhere pet-friendly that is - not an easy task in Brisbane, it turns out).
Because we always need more photos of my babies
Which will mean more time for stitching and blogging - stay tuned!