Wednesday, 24 February 2016

So it's been awhile...

It's been awhile.

8 months to be exact.

A combination of burn-out and life just getting really really really busy.

So much has happened that I haven't told you about.  So much has happened I can't remember (ordinary day-to-day stuff).  But the highlights:

- I had a stall at Oz Comic Con in Brisbane.  It was awesome!  I met so many fellow crafters and fellow geeks, gave away a lot of business cards and sold a lot of patterns. I had a fantastic weekend and am planning on doing it again this year.
My stall at Oz Comic Con, and the Ravenclaw costumes my brother and I wore
- On that note, I met Evana Lynch!  Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.  Very cool.
Yes, she's holding my stitched Luna
- My friend and I went to the UK and Ireland for 5 weeks over Christmas.  We hit England, Ireland (North and South), Scotland and Wales.  We drove more kilometres than I can count and had an awesome time.  We visited the Harry Potter studio, made tin soldiers, and learnt about tasting whiskey.  So much fun.
Inside a snow globe, and having fun at the Lepricorn Museum in Dublin
- I've released a heap of new patterns, and spent a lot of time stitching up a storm.  I've kept Instagram and Facebook pretty up-to-date with that side of things.  If you haven't visited Fangirl Stitches on Etsy for awhile, it's probably worth a look - lots of new movie and TV show tie-ins ;)

- I also applied for (and received) a transfer.  I found out 7 days before school finished for the year, and 9 days before I flew out of the country for 5 weeks.  I got back from the UK 2 days before I started at my new school - it's an interesting experience trying to settle into a new job while you're still experiencing severe jet-lag!
Skimbles and Eevee "helping" me pack
So at the moment I'm house-hunting and sleeping in the spare-room in my Brisbane-based brothers' unit.  I'm commuting 45 minutes each way which is a shock to the system when you're used to a 2 minute trip!  But I'm enjoying the new challenges of a new job.  And hopefully soon I will have a more permanent place to live and can bring my fur-babies down to live with me (as soon as I can find somewhere pet-friendly that is - not an easy task in Brisbane, it turns out).
Because we always need more photos of my babies
Which will mean more time for stitching and blogging - stay tuned!


  1. It's SOOO nice to have you back and I guess I'll be on Etsy (again) today!

  2. Good luck with the new job Roslyn. Love the pics of your furbabies. I need to go check out Etsy.