Friday, 20 February 2015

Second Birthday

Like second breakfast, only different!

It's been more than a week since I last blogged (after blogging so regularly for a few weeks I feel really bad) but I've had limited internet over the last week.  Firstly because I was in Brisbane and then because I was travelling for work.  So it is time to play catch-up.
View over the river and South Bank
- taken from the pool at our motel
This weekend I was in Brisbane for my Second Birthday.  (the second celebration for my birthday, not the birthday I turned 2). A few friends (including my parents) and I flew down to Brisbane for a non-sexist-girly weekend.  We were joined by other Brisbane friends throughout the weekend and had an absolute blast.
Chilling out in Brisbane - A, S, K, B and I enjoying the pool.
My brother C and his girlfriend joined us for breakfast on Sunday.
There was shopping, eating, swimming, eating, chats, eating, theatre, and did I mention eating?  In all honesty we didn't eat that much, it just felt like it from the photos!  We visited the Eat Street Markets (so many different types of food and all at reasonable prices - recommend checking it out); went for a Chocolate High Tea at the Stamford (not the best High Tea I've ever been to, but still pretty good if you ignore the "Glass Incident"); found food on Queen St Mall at midnight; and had morning tea at Room With Roses.  Plus breakfasts, that's a fair bit of eating really...
Morning tea at Room with Roses
For the High Tea, we were joined by 4 other friends - two ex-Emerald friends, B's sister-in-law and her sister.  The food was pretty scrumptious, although gluten-free options were limited for K, and the setting was lovely.  The only incident for the day was the Glass Incident.  One of the waiters dropped a tray of wine glasses right behind our table and sent glass shards flying under the feet and chairs of several of our party.  I found out later that several of the glasses hit my friend S which was pretty scary.  Thankfully no-one was hurt and everyone was very apologetic about the incident.  It gave us a story to tell at any rate!
High Tea at the Stamford - me with B's sister-in-law and her sister;
B with ex-Emerald friends, Mum & Dad with M; A, K and S.
The main highlight of the weekend (apart from the High Tea) was going to see Wicked.  This is the fourth time I have seen the show, and I still love it.  The costumes are second to none, the scenery is elaborate, the music is catchy and enjoyable, and the actors are first rate.  I saw the production twice in Melbourne (2008 and 2009) and then in Sydney (also 2009).  I had to stop myself from singing out loud to the music this time!  Two things made this production even more exciting for me: firstly Simon Gallaher was playing the role of the Wizard (my childhood favourite actor), and secondly the people I saw it with.  You see, the first time I saw Wicked I saw it with Mum, the second time I saw Wicked I saw it with S, the third time I saw Wicked I saw it with B.  This time, I saw it with Mum and S and B!
It's a green thing.  A, K, S, B, M, Mum, Dad and I had a very wicked time.
After the show I managed to find a uni friend and fellow EQ OT in the crowd which was very exciting, and we dragged her and her husband off to join us for a very late dinner (we were so over chocolate after the High Tea!).
Very late dinner.  OT friend, her husband, and another
ex-Emerald friend joined us - it was so much fun!
It was a brilliant weekend away.  Unfortunately I didn't organise things well at work and followed my two nights away in Brisbane with two nights away for work.  Good thing Mum and Dad could keep looking after my cats!

Stitching update coming soon (I hope!)

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