Thursday, 23 February 2017

WIP Wednesday on a Thursday

Second week of doing WIP Wednesday, and I'm already running late!  I've got no idea what happened to yesterday.  I went for a massive (for me) walk hunting Pokemon last night, which did eat into the early evening and by the time I got home... well, basically I forgot!


I haven't made any progress on the two projects I shared last week, because the fabric arrived for my A-Z Challenge pattern and I started work on it instead. :)
Need to remember not to photograph this fabric at night
cause the lights have a weird effect on the colour
 After a lot of umming and ahhing and back and forth I finally settled on the piece I want to stitch.  I'm not giving anything away though until the reveal date, so all you're going to get is photos of the backside.  April is going to be a crazy-busy month so I'm starting this piece now in the hope to have the stitching finished, and blog posts written and scheduled before the 1st of April.
This is how the fabric really looks.
Backside view 22.02.17
What's happening in April you ask?  Well:

  • 7th - my mum and her friend come to Brisbane and are staying with me for the weekend
  • 8th - we're going to see "Grease" and "My Fair Lady"
  • 10th-17th (ish) - my brother and his girlfriend are visiting from Melbourne, mum's still here and dad's coming down at some point
  • 14th-17th - the whole family are heading to Mt Tamborine to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday
  • 18th - I have a prac student start a 9 week placement with me at work (and my parents are still here)
  • 21st-23rd - Gold Coast SupaNova
  • 28th-1st May - Melbourne SupaNova

I'm already tired just thinking about it!  Plus there's all the usuals, including working full time. I've already told a few friends they probably won't see me for the month of April (apart from that first week)!  Anyway, you can see why I need to get the A-Z Challenge done before 1st April! 

Happy stitching!

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  1. Wow, busy April. Love the fabric, do you buy in Australia or OS (I am in Perth)