Friday, 21 April 2017

R is for Willow Rosenburg

Thank you to everyone who's been stopping by and reading my blog and leaving comments.  I really appreciate it.  I'm sorry for the lack of replies and return visits this week - my family went away of the Easter long weekend and didn't have any internet connection (which we hadn't been prepared for). Since I got back, I've been madly getting ready for my stall at Supanova (where I'm planning to meet the gorgeous David Boreanuz) and I haven't had any spare brain power or time!  I have Monday and Tuesday off work next week and am planning a full day of blog catch-ups so I'm looking forward to "chatting" to you all then. xx  On with the #atozchallenge...

This month I'm participating in A to Z Challenge, where 100's of bloggers around the world challenge themselves to write every day for the month of April, working their way through the alphabet.  I'm stitching the Buffy The Vampire Slayer alphabet cross stitch pattern (available from my Etsy store).  Each day I will share that letter's stitching, as well as a bit about the relevant character.

R is for Willow Rosenburg
This outfit is a combination of a few different ones from season 4, which
is why I couldn't find a picture to match!

Willow Rosenberg was born in Sunnydale into a local Jewish family.  She attended the local primary school with her best friend Xander Harris, before enrolling in Sunnydale High.  Willow was a meek, intelligent computer geek when she first met Buffy, wearing tights, plaid dresses/skirts, and fluffy woollen jumpers (‘sweaters’ if you’re American).  Over the time she knew Buffy, Willow grew and developed into an assertive and strong individual.  Despite being accepted to “every university in the country and few overseas” she decided to study at UC Sunnydale where she would be able to focus on her magic.

Willow was first exposed to magic through demon fighting, and her successful attempt to return Angel’s soul.  Willow quickly grew into a very magical individual, until her magic eventually went dark following the death of her girlfriend Tara, and Willow became the Big Bad of season six.  She learnt how to control and reign in her powers, eventually helping Buffy save the world from the hellmouth, turning all Potential Slayers into Slayers, and riding off into the sunset on that big yellow bus.

Willow was one of my favourite characters because I could relate to her so much.  She was intelligent, she was into computers and reading and studying; she came across as shy to outsiders, but once you got to know her she was very strong willed.  Willow had an inner strength that was allowed to shine through and develop.  I found her relationship with Tara to be sweet.  Willow started off the show heterosexual – a long term crush on Xander and a 2 year (ish) relationship with Oz which ended when he left town.  Willow’s relationship with Tara was gradual and developed over the course of season 4.  I liked that it wasn’t an in-your-face, let’s-do-all-the-stereotypes lesbian relationship – it was a friendship that grew and then just… was.  Modern TV shows could take a few notes.


  1. Whoa, these cross-stitch designs are awesome! You are so creative. Great job.

    Gail Park

    Making Life an Art

  2. Ok, so you're actually converting those characters into their cross-stitch versions? Like you're not duplicating a ready cross-stitch pattern?
    If yes, then... WOW! Hats off to you!
    I used to love doing cross-stitch when I was a kid. But then social media happened! :P
    Glad to come across your blog during this AtoZ. Do visit mine when you get your day off. And all the best for your stall!
    Happy blogging!
    Chicky @

    1. Thanks Chicky. Yup, these are my own patterns. I look at the characters and work out the pattern, design it, and then stitch it. I sell my patterns on Etsy too - keeps me busy, and I know what you mean about social media!!

  3. I gotta disagree on the Willow-Tara relationship. I found it annoying...probably because I didn't like Tara. I was disappointed with how Willow changed with her growing magic. By the time she was the 'Big Bad', I wasn't as into the show as I once was :(