Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Radio silence...

Apologies for the radio silence this last week.

When I started this blog, I had hoped to post weekly, maybe twice a week.  After I posted my initial blog, I had to stop myself getting straight back on and posting again.  I tend to do that - get very involved in something for a period of time, burn myself out and then give up.  So I tried to slow myself down and space my blogs out.

And then I moved.

I moved into a house-share with two teachers I'd never met.  It's all arranged through work, really good deal in regards to rent prices and not having to pay bills, but you don't get a say about who you live with (unless you've lived here awhile and apply for a specific move/swap).  It can be a bit hit and miss - sometimes you get great housemates who you get along with fantastically, and sometimes you get ones who you clash with or have a different value system to, or different interests to, or it just doesn't "click" for whatever reason.  Just like most flat/house shares really.

This time I've got phantom house-mates.  One house-mate I haven't seen yet, and one I've exchanged about 10 words with... over about 8 days!  It makes for an interesting move experience.  I'm not the chattiest person when meeting new people, and it turns out neither are they.  Doesn't make for a very lively household!

It also means I haven't managed to ask about internet arrangements.  It's on the urgent "to do" list, but I do need to actually see the house-mates in order to ask the question!

After I moved I started a new job.

No internet, and a new job (using up all my spare brain power) - not the  most conducive or helpful things for starting a new blog... or posting updates regularly!

However I will persevere.  An unsecured network in the neighbourhood (frequent dropouts) and parents who live nearby help.

Stay tuned folks - I aim to be back on track within the next week.... or two.

Happy stitching!

- Fangirl Stitches

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