Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Spectacular Doctor Who

OzzyPip (Mum) and I at the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular
This weekend Mum and I went to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in Brisbane.  And it was Spectacular!  The Queensland Symphonic Orchestra and the Brisbane Chorale were joined by Peter Davison (the 5th Doctor) and Ben Foster (the official Doctor Who conductor) for an evening of awesome Doctor Who music, much of it by Murray Gold, from the last 50 years of Who.

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular!
Basically it was the BBC Proms, but in Brisbane... and with that all important Australian twist.  But maybe that was just the atmosphere.

It's Peter Davison.  Shhh, don't mention the cricket!
I love the music from Doctor Who.  It is just so powerful and uplifting and emotional - when you are in tears just listening to the music, you know it must be good.
However I think my favourite thing from the weekend was the crowd.  I was at the Excel for the Doctor Who 50th Celebration weekend.  I was in Ireland for the Irish Discworld Convention.  I was back at the Excel for London Comic-Con.  And while those were all powerful atmospheres, there was something uniquely relaxed, uniquely friendly, uniquely Australian about the atmosphere and the crowd in Brisbane this weekend.

Vampire ladies from Venice, and a Cyberman listen to the Doctor's warning
Maybe it's because we don't get that many events of this calibre in Brisbane.  Maybe it's because we don't get that many geeky events, let alone ones with a Doctor Who theme.  Maybe it's because not only are we Australian, but we're Queenslanders.

"The conductor is over-acting, the conductor is over-acting"
Or maybe it's just that I became sappy and sentimental while living in the UK.  That's always a possibility.
Sylurians in the audience
But it was a very relaxed and friendly evening.  And so much fun!  Daleks, and Cybermen, and Sylurians, and Jadoon, and Silence, and Wheeping Angels, and the faceless men, and a few others I didn't recognise.  Powerful music, brilliantly conducted.  Peter Davison was charming, the video clips were moving, and the video message from Tom Baker was very Tom Baker-ish.

My jewellery for the weekend.
If you get the chance to see it in New Zealand, go!  Otherwise you'll just have to wait until the BBC decide to send it back on tour.

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Happy Stitching!

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