Tuesday, 18 February 2014


My favourite author of all time is Terry Pratchett.

Well, one of my favourite authors.  I have a number of favourites - JK Rowling, LM Montgomery, Jasper Fforde, Bryce Courtney, John Marsden.  My bookcase is a bit of a conglomeration of different authors, themes, genres, styles.  It's over-flowing at the moment (and I have more in storage and at my brother's house) but space is at a premium in my share-house and there just isn't space at the moment!  My dream house has a dedicated library.  And craft room.  And Doctor Who shrine.  Have I mentioned I'll need a mansion?

My packed bookcase, and a few of my completed stitches
Part of my Pratchett collection - there are more on my desk, and more in storage!
But now I'm off topic.

My favourite author of all time is Terry Pratchett.  I love the way is mind works, the worlds he creates, the characters I know better than real people, the emotions, the total "what the" moments, and the utter crazy dedication of Pratchett fans.  I particularly love the vividness of his stories - the way I can see pictures in my mind as I read (or listen to the audio books).

To celebrate my favourite author, I have not one but two new patterns inspired by Pratchett, now available in my Etsy store.

First there are the Discworld Earrings:

The pattern includes Igor's eyeballs in jars, Death's life-timers, Rincewind and Granny Weatherwax's hats, and of course Great A'Tuin his/her self.

The second new pattern is A Cup Of Tea, featuring a quote from "Snuff":

Don't forget, there is also the Discworld Alphabet.  I originally designed and stitched this for the charity auction at the Irish Discworld Convention in November 2013.  The finished piece ended up selling for 35 (approximately $50).  Proceeds were donated to Alzheimer's Research UK.

In other news, I may have agreed to direct one of the plays for the local amateur drama group this year.  I'm not certain - it's all a bit of a sugar-induced blur.  I blame the owl-themed patty cakes at the baby shower for my friend (coincidently the president of said drama group).

I wonder if I could convince them to do Wyrd Sisters?

Happy Stitching!


  1. If you don't already know about it, you should check out Discworld MUD at http://discworld.starturtle.net/lpc/ You can immerse yourself in your own discworld text adventure.

  2. I’d love to buy the pattern to the Discworld alphabet! Can’t find it on your Etsy?

    1. Hi Kathleen

      It's no longer a regular listing in the Etsy shop, but I can set it up as a customized order for you. If you send me a message through Etsy or on the Facebook page I can give you payment details. The pattern is $8 (AUD).



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