Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fangirl Moment

This blog post is basically just a fangirl-squeal in words.  You have been warned.

I had a real fangirl moment on the weekend.  I saw Ian Stenlake perform live on stage.  An honest-to-goodness dream come true.

For those not in the know, Ian Stenlake is a fabulous Australian actor and singer.  One of the best.  No, scratch that.  THE best.  I did say I was a fan.

With Ian Stenlake at the Emerald Christmas Carols - 2010
Ian Stenlake was Oscar Stone in the original series of Stingers.  That's where I first saw him.  He was the first actor I remember seriously admiring.  I bawled my eyes out when Oscar died.  The show was never the same again.  Not for me anyway.  Most recently, Ian stared in Sea Patrol as Lieutenant Commander Mike Flynn, not to mention countless musical theatre productions around Australia.

For a very long time I've wanted to see Ian perform live on stage.  A few years ago (2010) Ian and his wife Rachel Beck came to my little home town of Emerald to perform at our Christmas carols (our church minister has friends in high places!).  Amazing.  Made my year - and this was the year I'd had my first trip to Europe!  What can I say, the man has an amazing voice.
With Rachel Beck and Ian Stenlake - 2010
When I heard Ian was going to star in Harvest Rain's production of Guys and Dolls in Brisbane, I knew I had to be in the audience.  I may not have bought tickets the day they were released (living in England had its drawbacks) but I was pretty close!
Guys and Dolls - Harvest Rain.  Image from 
It was amazing.  Brilliant.  Fantastic.  There were only 6 performances in the season, so the cast gave it their all the whole way through.  I had an absolute ball.  To be honest, I was having so much fun I probably wouldn't have even noticed if they hadn't been great, but they were, and I did (notice that is!).   I was in about the 5th row back, and loving every minute of it.
Tweeting with Harvest Rain during the night
Also, it was awesome to know that here in Queensland we have some amazing musical theatre talent.  The cast was made up of veterans of the screen and stage, professionals with a few shows under their belts, and newbies, and they were all great.  The setting and costume and band and lighting and props and sound effects and all that were very cleverly done.  The use of block colour was very clever and effective.  The orchestra were very talented.  And they were Queenslanders.

Harvest Rain is putting on a production of Cats in July (500+ cast members and the amazing Marina Pryor) and Spamalot in October (where I will fangirl-squeal over Simon Gallaher and Jon English of Pirates fame).  My flights are booked (well, almost - need the funds in my account first).  I will be there with bells on, supporting the Queensland theatre talent, and having a blast.

Like I said, I'm a fan. So shoot me :)

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