Thursday, 29 May 2014

Stitchy Theatre Gifts

It's done.  The cast have taken their final bow.  The final curtain has fallen.  Emerald Little Theatre's  production of "The Bob and Al Show" had its final show last Saturday (24th May) and now I can breath again.  And sleep.  Oh sleep, how I have missed thee!

Scene from "The Bob and Al Show"
Turns out directing and producing an amateur theatre show takes a lot out of you.  Funny how quickly you forget.
Action shot!  More photos on the Theatre Facebook page
Don't get me wrong - I love it.  I enjoy hanging out with other theatre people.  I enjoy coming up with the posters and hall decorations and programs.  I enjoy painting the set and designing the props and costumes. (we're a really small theatre group!). I enjoy having something else to do in the evenings (apart from sit at home alone stitching).  However, after 3 months of rehearsals three times a week, two weeks of nightly rehearsals before opening night, 3 weekends of shows (Friday and Saturday), not to mention the extra rehearsals in between, setting and cleaning the hall... well, let's just say I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when the last patron left on Saturday.  And now we'll sit and chill and sleep... and get ready to start it all over again in July!

The Stitchy Gifts
Stitchy thank you gifts
I decided to design and stitch little gifts for the cast and crew as a thank you - after all, there were only 5 of them and it's something I enjoy doing.  The pictures were of quotes taken from the script - either favourite lines of the cast, or ones that related to the job of the 'crew'.   They haven't made it into the Fangirl Stitches Etsy store yet, but they'll get there - even without the play knowledge behind you, I think they still work.  Anyway, the team loved them (or at least said they did!) and I received a lot of really enthusiastic feedback and thank you's.  Apparently I've set the bar pretty high for the next director.

Can you tell the Theatre's colours are purple and green?

I've got one more to go - I want to stitch one for the Theatre Bar about mystery play audiences:
"You've got to give them just enough to keep them leaning forward and not coughing, but not so much that they figure it all out too soon and head to the bar bragging like arrogant little weekend Sherlocks."

No rush on that one - providing it's done by October, in time for the next play!

Happy Stitching!!

P.S. head over to my Facebook or twitter page to enjoy my collection of quotes - a couple are going up each day :)

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