Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Show Success

I've just returned home after a long day at the Emerald Agricultural Show.  Our church is paid by the Show Society to run the car-parking (directing people on where/how to park), so I've been up at the showgrounds since 7:30 this morning directing cars, and then wandering around looking at all the displays, exhibits, show jumping, dog shows, catching up with folk from around the local area, and helping a friend chase her two littlies around the kids performances and rides.

It was also a very successful Show for me this year, with my stitches winning four first places and a second!

This blackwork lady - Pearl by X-Calibre Designs - received a first in the "Item for the Bedroom" class.  I originally listed her under "any other handicraft" as our Show doesn't have a blackwork section, and I didn't want her competing against my other cross stitches, however the stewards decided this was a better section for her.  Since she got a first, I didn't mind where they listed her!

The first of my cross stitch entries, Shadow of An Angel by Zolotoje Runo, which received a first in the Counted Cross Stitch class.  I've discovered that glass on black material becomes a really good mirror - need to try and get a better photo!  I was a little surprised to discover this one received the first over my other entry, mainly because of the significant difference in effort that had gone into each, but the judge doesn't know any of that and at least I was beaten by myself!  I love this design - it was actually quite easy to stitch, and I'd really like to stitch more of them in the future.

Speaking of my other entry, this is it: Aurelia by Mystic Stitches.  There are 86000 stitches, and she took 4 1/2 years to stitch (with several other projects completed when I needed a break).  As I said, I was a little surprised she received the second (when compared to Shadow of an Angel), but at least I beat myself.  And I wasn't the only entrant either!  There were actually a number of other entrants in the counted cross stitch class this year, which is great as some years there have only been one or two... or none at all!

These three were all framed by the same local framer.  I ran into him and his wife today - they decided that it must have been the framing that gave these stitches the winning touch. :-)

My third entry in the counted cross stitch section was Judy by Classic Embroidery.  Unsurprisingly she didn't place next to the other two, but since it was only a $1 entry fee, and a chance to show off some of my work - why not?

There were also two themed classes in the Handicraft section.  The first was to celebrate 100 years of the Australian Red Cross.  I think the description of the class was 'an item of any medium related to the Australian Red Cross' (I've managed to misplace the show guide).  This one I designed myself using ProStitch and an image of the Australian Red Cross logo.  Trying to get the letters to look right while at an angle was the hardest part!  If I'd had more time I would have filled in the letters, but as it was I only managed to finish stitching and display it (stretched over canvas) 30 minutes before I had to drop it off.  Now I need to work out what to do with it - suggestions appreciated!

The second themed class was "A pink item suitable for the Breast Cancer Function".  I designed and stitched a pair of pink ribbon earrings and a dual pink ribbon necklace.  I used one of DMCs new pink variegated threads which gave the 'ribbon' a really nice shaded look, and I'm really happy with the finished look.  This pattern will be up on the Etsy site this weekend, with proceeds being donated to cancer research (once I work out the best way to do it).

So that's it for me at the Emerald Show this year.  I was going to enter some photos but didn't get myself organised in time - there's always next year!  I heard a (fairly substantiated) rumour today that one of next year's themes will be Gallipoli/Anzac given that it will be 100 years since the Gallipoli landing - time to get planning.

Happy stitching!!


  1. You could use the Red Cross again next year in the Gallipoli themed section. Design a couple of other cross stitches on the theme and we can team up to make them into a patchwork wall hanging.....Simpson and his Donkey, Slouch Hat, Lone pine tree, your great great Uncles.... either their faces or crosses with their names date of birth and date of death on them. We could really make something special -

    1. That sounds like an awesome idea!! Will have to get planning :)

  2. Is your agricultural show a bit like our county fair? I live in the USA. Our fairs include "domestic" arts exhibits, agricultural exhibits, animal contests, a carnival fairway, sometimes a rodeo.

    1. Thanks Diane :) The county fair sounds very similar. We have agricultural exhibits, animal contests (dogs, show jumping, cattle, poultry etc), rides, carnival games, art exhibits (handicraft, photography, scrapbooking, quilting, wood turning, cakes, flowers), exhibits by schools and local busineses etc

  3. Congratulations on your super ribbon results!