Thursday, 12 June 2014

A New Pattern for Breast Cancer Research

There's a new pattern now available from the Fangirl Stitches Etsy store - the Breast Cancer Ribbon Jewelry (or Jewellery if you're American)!

This was one of the patterns I designed to enter into the local Agricultural Show - the theme was "A pretty pink item suitable for the Breast Cancer Function" - and it won the class (as described in my previous post).  The shading comes from using DMC colour variations thread 4180 (Rose Petals)

$1.00 from each pattern sold will be donated to Australian Breast Cancer Research.

As I was listing the pattern I realised how easy it would be to adapt to suit the myriad of different coloured Ribbon Days.  I think I will adapt and re-list the pattern in order to raise some money for other groups, however until that happens why not buy the pattern and use the suggestions below to adapt it to suit the appropriate charity.  I've listed a metallic and a colour variations:

Not all of these are symbolised by the ribbon, but I think it still works. When I started making this list, I had no idea how many Colour Days were out there!  And then I found this list.  Far too many for me to list them all and I'll start getting myself confused between different countries and dates....  Please do list any that I've missed in the comments section and I'll edit and add them to the list above with thread suggestions - I think some are more well-known than others, and are more linked to a particular colour than others.

In the meantime, happy stitching!

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