Sunday, 7 September 2014

So things have been a bit quiet...

So things have been a bit quiet of late.  I haven't been posting many blogs online (there was a 2 month gap in there!) and haven't been posting too many new patterns, or doing things on Facebook/twitter.

I'm sorry.  I do have a couple of reasons why... or excuses... But mostly I've been slack.  So I'm sorry.

Back to my excuses.

First of all:

I moved house.  In July I moved house, back into the share-house I used to live in before I went to London. This was very exciting.  The first 6 months I lived with two girls who didn't really communicate or talk or socialise or anything, so I spent a lot of time in my room.  Which was good for Fangirl Stitches business, less good for my sanity.  So I moved into my old house with a good friend and another girl who did talk and hangout and socialise and were friendly.  So much nicer! There was lots of moving and unpacking and sorting, and socialising and hanging out. Better for my sanity, but did mean not a lot of time was spent stitching!


I bought a house.  This happened very suddenly.  I wasn't really looking, but then I drove past one I liked, went to the Open House, and put in an offer.  In a week I went from "maybe, someday, possibly" to putting in an offer.  Which was accepted.  And then my finance was approved.  It's been a fast paced five weeks with a lot happening - meetings with mortgage broker and solicitors, building and pest inspections, packing, measuring for curtains and shopping for furniture... It's been a very steep and busy learning curve. But also a lot of fun. I'm now in the process of buying furniture and choosing colour schemes, working out the best walls to hang my cross-stitch, and working out how to best inject my geeky style into the new house.

Move-In Day is Wednesday so there is still a lot going on- curtains to make, packing to do, washing machines to buy...

Those are my excuses.  As a reson for absent brain-ness I think they're okay.  As a reason for being slack for the last 3 months.... maybe not.  I'm looking forward to investigating all the geeky house decorating ideas and would love your suggestions.  I'll be sharing what I find, and what I end up doing :)

I also have several cross stitch patterns in mid design which I'm hoping to get finished "soon" so keep an eye out for those.  No guarantees as to when though!

Happy Stitching!

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