Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Thursday Update

I had great plans for this week - I was going to finalise a new pattern and release it into the shop, I was going to make gains on my latest craft swap piece, I was going to post a blog or two.

Then I got sick.

It's just a head cold, but it has knocked me for 6, and I wound up having half of Friday, Monday and most of Tuesday off sick.  If the weekend hadn't been in the middle there, I may have had a couple more days off as well.  The cold meant I couldn't think straight enough to form a sentence let alone a blog post.  My brain went fuzzy at the sight of a computer screen, and I spent most of the last few days lying on the couch vaguely watching TV.  I couldn't even really tell you what I watched - the latest Phryne Fisher episode, a 3rd Rock From The Sun episode or two, and a dodgy movie or two were in there but not sure what else.

I'm pretty pathetic when I get sick - 'man flu' has nothing on me - but I really was out of it this time.  The girls in the office sent me home on Friday, and then again on Tuesday when I rocked up for an hour in the morning.  Lord help me if I ever get anything really serious!

At any rate, I'm coming out the other side now.  I was at work all day Wednesday (although I'm not sure what I accomplished) and I'm back at work today, suposedly working on a presentation I'm giving this afternoon (although it's not getting very far at the moment!).

However, having a couple of days of sick did have its benefits - I managed to finish my current WIP.  It's now with OzzyPip waiting to be put into a wall hanging with her embroideries for our show entry.  The full piece needs to be finished by next weekend to be entered into the Show.
The blue stripes are the striped tea towel behind the piece!

Off to take more cold-and-flu drugs, blow my nose, and get back to work on this presentation.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Glad to see you're coming through it and hope you get better soon!

    1. Thanks! Still snuffling like no man's business, and really glad my weekend is pretty quiet and free from commitments so I can spend it on the couch sleeping and stitching :)

  2. VIsiting from the A/Z road trip; didn't get to visit your blog during the challenge. So sorry about your cold; never fun to be sick. Your stitchery is so cool! I know it takes a lot of work to create them and a lot of talent!


    1. Hi betty, thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words! I love stitching - such a great therapy tool :)