Friday, 27 March 2015

A to Z Challenge theme reveal - Cross Stitch of course!

The challenge hasn't even started and I'm already behind!  I missed the "challenge reveal" day but here it is at last.

For those who haven't heard, I'm going to be participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge in April.  I wrote about it here.

The idea of the challenge is that for every day of April (excluding Sundays) you blog about a different letter of the alphabet, from A to Z.  You can either choose a different theme each day (keeping on a general topic) or blog about one theme for the entire month, mentioning different aspects in relation to the letter.  Or something like that!  You are also meant to visit other people's posts as well.

Challenge Reveal

For the challenge I have decided to stitch my Doctor Who Quotes alphabet.  This will then become the gift for one of the craft swaps I'm involved in.

I am also doing a Harry Potter themed blog.  I've stitched a number of the characters from the Harry Potter films, and thought this would be a nice way to share them.

I had originally planned on stitching one of my larger alphabets (the Doctor Who characters or the Harry Potter characters one) thinking that with Easter school holidays I would have plenty of time to catch-up or stay-ahead as needed!  ... Then Ozzypip (who is also doing the A to Z challenge) reminded me that we are off to Malaysia for a week in April, which will significantly hamper my stitching time (can't stay in the motel stitching when there is exploring to do!) so I've had to go for an easier project this time.  There's always next year for something more challenging!

Following Blogs

However, the thing I am most excited about is seeing the progress of other people's stitching projects.  I have so far discovered 3 different bloggers who are going to be stitching my alphabets as their challenge piece!  How very very exciting!!  Go and check them out, they clearly have very very good taste:
Are you stitching a Fangirl Stitches pattern for the A to Z challenge?  Let me know - I'd love to follwo your progress.

Happy stitching and happy blogging!


  1. Yay! Thanks for the shout out! I have to tell you, I'm having a hard time not getting started already! Can't wait to see your progress, as well as an update on Malaysia too!!

  2. Praise which is well deserved because you totally saved my Disney-loving heart this challenge! Can't wait to see your progress and I hope I do your work justice!