Sunday, 1 March 2015

Craft Swap Addictions

Have you been involved in any craft swaps?

I'd vaguely heard about them, mostly through my mother Ozzypip participating in quilting ones - she'd send off a couple of blocks and receive some in return to make a quilt with.  It sounded like fun, but since I don't quilt I figured that was that.

Then I discovered Instagram.

And craft swaps.

So many craft swaps!

The Instagram craft swaps tend to be an "all crafts welcome" affair with people completing any crafty item they like under the theme.  The idea is that you receive a swap partner, and make something for them.  There is a theme for the craft items, and you receive details about things your partner likes/dislikes in accordance with that theme.  A lot of people also make inspirational mosaics to post on Instagram to give more ideas to their swap partner.  Then you make something for them, send it off (usually with a few other goodies thrown in) and all the while somebody else is making something to send to you (not the same person you made for - that way it's a surprise).

It's a lot of fun, particularly seeing the creation process of different people, the vast depth of creativity of people all around the globe, and it is a lot of fun watching items come to life, all the while trying to work out which item is destined for you.

Best of all, most of the ones I've seen on Instagram tend to be very heavily cross stitched-based.  It's great having an outlet in which to share my love of geeky cross stitch with like-minded people.

Having never participated in a craft swap until this year, I've now signed up for my fourth one.

The first was the #SuperHeroSwap, in which I made a needle-keeper, pair of earrings, and hanging decoration all in the theme of Thor, my swap partner's identified favourite super hero.  I'm still waiting for my package to arrive - darn bush post!
What I made for the Superhero swap.  The batgirl
fabric formed the inside of the needle keeper
and back of the padded hanging decoration.
The second one is a Harry Potter/Hogwarts Swap.  My swap partner is yet to post an inspiration mosaic, however from the questionaire answers I was sent I've already started forming some ideas...
Ideas are forming for my craft for the #hogwartsswap2015
 The third is a Villain Swap, or Viva La Villain Swap as it is known. For this one, my swap partner has indicated a liking for Daleks, Weeping Angels and Snape.  I'm pretty sure I can work with that!
Possible pattern idea for #VivaLaVillainsSwap
 After the 3rd one, I promised myself no more swaps.  At least, not until after July when the other two should be finished...

On Friday I signed up for my fourth swap.  It's Doctor Who themed.  Like I was going to be able to resist that one!
I wonder if any of these Fangirl Stitches patterns
will work for the Doctor Who Swap
I know.  I've become addicted.

I wonder if they make a patch for this kind of thing?

I'd love to hear about what craft swaps you've been involved in, and how you go about determining what to make.

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