Thursday, 12 March 2015

Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey Cats

This blog has taken me an age to post.  I initally wrote it just after I bought my house but before I adopted Eevee (about October 2014).  I updated it after I adopted her (early Nov 2014), then I updated it (again) after I'd adopted Skimbles (Dec 2014).  It's now March 2015 and it's still not posted.  Originally the delay was because I was trying to upload the photos.  Then the delay was because I wanted to find the links to where the pics came frome to give proper acknowledgement of ownership.  Then I had a number of other posts I wanted to upload more......... At any rate, this post is finally getting its 15 minutes of fame (once I update the introduction.... again!).

I've already mentioned here that I now own two cats: Eevee and Skimbles.  That was once of the best things about getting my own place - finally being able to have a pet for the first time since I moved out of home (2003).  I contemplated adopting a dog to try and motivate me to get fit, but I didn't think it would be very fair on the animal given the small backyard.  I know: lots of people have dogs in tiny appartments but I'm used to dogs being outside animals and I think having a predominately inside dog would rock my sensibilities.  So instead I adopted a cat or two and started the journey of becoming a mad cat lady.  

Okay.  I'll admit it.  The main reason I wanted a cat over a dog was because I got to check out all the awesome geeky cat furniture out there.  In particular the T.A.R.D.I.S. Cat Houses.

I have fallen in love with this cat climbing frame, created by astromark and found on TARDIS Builders.  It was created at a 1/2 scale size and looks amazing. I particularly love the cat bed, the inside tunnel, and the cat's name inscribed on the door lock.
Then there is this one.  I believe it originally came from but the link is no longer available.  The image comes from pinterest.  This one gives greater access for the cats, without losing the overall T.A.R.D.I.S. style.
Picture from

Similar to this, is this cat house created by the author of I also live on a farm:
If a T.A.R.D.I.S cat house isn't your style, there are some other awesome geeky cat furniture ideas around, such as the miniature cat bedroom:
Picture from

Or the Middle Earth litter tray and scratching post created by Super-Fan Builds:
Picture from 

Then there are the cat-climbing bookcases:

So cute!

However, since my Dad made me a TARDIS shoe cupboard for Christmas, I think my chances of getting a TARDIS cat house are buckleys and none.  *sigh*  Except that my TARDIS shoe cupboard is the coolest thing I have ever seen.  I'll tell you all about it another time.

Happy Stitching!


  1. That's alot of Dr No stuff and cat stuff. People are very creative! Out and about today blog visiting, gearing up the a-z challenge. Always nice to meet new bloggers.

    1. I'm always amazed at the creativity of different people :) Thanks for visiting! Excited for the a-z challenge :)