Wednesday, 2 March 2016

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for WIP Wednesday.

Currently I'm working on a name plate using the Star Wars alphabet (available from my Etsy store). A friend has asked me to stitch it for a friend of hers. I've got about 1 1/4 letters to go, and I'm loving how it's turning out.

I've had a lovely evening of much-needed stitching therapy tonight. I've finally found a place to rent (yay!) that will let me have cats (double yay!) and I pick up the keys on Friday (yay again). However I've been having issues with the removalists. Work is meant to be paying to move me as part of my transfer, however there's been dramas getting it approved - originally I was told "no", then "oh we made a mistake, yes you are entitled to moving expenses", then they told the removalists "no she's not entitled", and then finally today (5 days later) they agreed that they'd made a mistake (again) and I was entitled to moving expenses. All this has meant that it's very unlikely my stuff will be picked up this week, and since they say it takes 7 days to be delivered (which I don't understand) it's going to be at least a week (if not 2) before I can actually move into my place, meaning I'll be paying rent for it to sit empty. Which I'm not happy about.


All in all, some very much needed stitching therapy happened tonight and I'm feeling much calmer and "it'll happen when it happens" about the whole situation. 😊

Happy stitching!

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