Monday, 7 March 2016

The 13 Doctors - It's a New Pattern!

When I had a stall at Oz Comic Con last year, I lost count of the number of people who asked if I had a pattern of all the Doctors from Doctor Who.

I didn't.  I also wasn't sure why I didn't.  This is one of my favourite TV shows.  I LOVE Doctor Who.  Why on earth did I not have a pattern of the 13 Doctors??!

I think it was because when I first started designing there were a couple of other patterns of all the Doctors, one of which I had stitched myself, so I didn't feel the urgency of needing to create my own.

Whatever the reason, I didn't have a pattern and you were asking for one, so I needed to design one.

It's taken another few months to get it finished, but at long last I can reveal The 13 Doctors, my tribute to this long running, fantastic television show.

The 13 Doctors, available from my Etsy Store
Enjoy people!

P.S. Keep an eye out next week for some more Doctor Who patterns.  They're very... companionable... ;)

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