Sunday, 5 April 2015

And now for something a little different... Happy Easter and an update on my life.

Happy Easter everyone!

I'm a bit late with my greeting, given that it is 10:30 pm on Easter Sunday, but better late than never.

I've had a very family-oriented weekend this weekend.  My youngest brother S is home for the week (mid-semester holidays) so I've been visiting my parents a bit to catch up with him.

We had a very board-game-oriented Easter.  S brought Ticket To Ride and Munchkin home with him, so we've had several rounds of both.  So far S has managed to win one round of Munchkin, and been soundly flogged in every game of Ticket to Ride.  He's got about 3 days left to try and win a game.  Yes, I'm gloating.  I'll stop.

I haven't done any cross stitching since about lunch time on Saturday.  I've managed to sustain a cross-stitch-related injury - strained a muscle (or several) around my shoulder blade.  I think it's an RSI (repetitive strain injury) from a day and half of solid stitching.  It may also be related to lots of computer time at work, but since I haven't been on the computer any more than usual, I'm going to have to go with the cross stitch.  I took a break from stitching today, got Mum and S to massage my shoulder with deep heat, and have been using a heat pack most of the afternoon.  I've got a massage booked for Tuesday so hopefully that will sort it out because....

On Friday I fly to Malaysia for the week!

I lived in Malaysia for 11 months in 2003 on a student exchange program.  I've been back several times since, including once with Mum in 2007.  This time Dad is coming too (as well as mum).  The three of us are driving to Brisbane (10 hours, providing nothing goes wrong!), then flying to K.L.  We don't have any real plans apart from trying to catch up with my host family (who I haven't been able to warn we are coming because I can't find their contact details) and doing a bit of site-seeing.  I'm not sure what internet access I'll have so I'm busily trying to pre-write and schedule my A to Z blog posts for the 8 days we are going to be away.

Dad and I also have to remember to pick up our passports in Brisbane.  About a week ago we realised that a) Dad's passport expired 3 years ago and b) mine was going to expire 10 days after we got back.  Not really the 6 month leeway you are meant to have!  We managed to get the forms filled in, photos taken, and everything signed and submitted last Monday.  We then paid the extra "please process this NOW" fee for a 48-hour turn around (once it got to Brisbane, which would take a day or two) and said we wanted to pick it up down there because with only 7 business days left before we flew out, we weren't going to take any chances!  Someone said to us "oh well, you can claim the trip on your travel insurance if it doesn't arrive in time" but I'm pretty sure our travel insurance doesn't cover stupidity (which, let's face it, this was)!

At any rate, we have both since received an email to say that the passports have been processed and are ready to collect, so that's good.  Now I just need to find time to pack, in amongst everything else!

Hopefully I'll also find some time for some more stitching too, once my shoulder is better.

Happy stitching!


  1. Have a fun safe trip Roslyn.


  2. Happy Easter! Enjoyed reading about your plans. Safe travels!

    -Kathy (A-Z)

  3. hope you had a better night's sleep last night. As to your prowess with A Ticket to Ride... you have that sort of brain that processes thing much better.... like Dad's. I think S takes after me.... that is what I am blaming anyway. And if you want more massages... don't gloat too loudly :)