Tuesday, 7 April 2015

F is for Fantastic Flitwick

(see what I did there with the blog title?)
A to Z Challenge - F

F is for "Fantastic"
Christopher Eccleston's catchphrase.  I'm not a huge fan of catchphrases in Doctor Who.  "Geronimo" and "Alonz-y" always seemed very forced and unnatural when said in the various episodes, however "Fantastic" never seemed forced or out of place.  It summed up the utter joy of the Doctor exploring the different worlds across the Universe.  The grin that Christopher Eccleston would give after was full of that joy and so the word just seemed to fall of the tongue naturally.

F is for Filius Flitwick
Professor Flitwick, the tiny Charms teacher.  I preferred the look of Flitwick in the later films, although it did take me awhile to realise that a) this new looking teacher was meant to be Flitwick, and b) that it was the same actor!  Warrick Davis ended up playing several characters across the course of the films.  He was the Gringotts Bank manager, the voice of the original Griphook, the voice and body of the later Griphook, Flitwick (white haired version) and choir-teacher-who-became-Flitwick.  The descriptions of poor old Flitwick being thrown across his classroom by stray spells always made me giggle when reading.

Only 2 days left until I head off to Brisbane to fly to Malaysia.  My shoulder is feeling 10 times better - heat packs and massage made a massive difference - so back to the stitching tonight.

Happy stitching!!


  1. They both look great Roslyn. Have a fun trip.


    1. Thanks Linda. I'm sure I will, and that I'll be filling you all in when I get back :)