Friday, 10 April 2015

I is for Inside and Igor

I'm off to Malaysia tonight for a week (yay!) I'm not sure what internet access I'll have (probably not much) so if I don't reply to your comments, or comment on your blog it's not because I don't love you!  Hopefully I will be able to respond to everyone when I get back home (19th April).  The next 8 posts have all been scheduled so should continue to appear - I've been stitching ahead so that I am covered till the 19th (P)!

I is for "It's bigger on the Inside"
What every companion says on stepping inside the TARDIS.  David Tennant actually mouths the words along with Martha.  Oh, except for Clara who says "it's smaller on the outside" just to be different.  The TARDIS is the Doctor's time machine.  It looks like a 1950's police telephone box, and it is so much bigger on the inside.  Hugely so.  The inside gets revamped every now and then, sometimes with the change of Doctor, but not always.  Peter Capaldi's Doctor now has the round things from the original episodes.
Smith: "Hey look - the round things!" 
Tennant: "I love the round things.:
Smith: "What are the round things?"
Tennant: "No idea".
(50th anniversary special - Day of the Doctor)

I is for Igor Karkaroff
Igor Karkaroff is the slimey, no good, evil Headmaster from Durmstrang.  To be fair, he is actually the weak-willed, no-back-bone, run-away-scared-y-cat Headmaster from Durmstrang. The Headmaster who only cared about Victor Krum, his star (ie famous) pupil.  The Headmaster who used to be a Death Eater.  The Headmaster who abandoned his students to save his own skin.  Can you tell I didn't have a high opinion of him?  Good thing he has a cool hat (and is the only character in the ENTIRE series to start with an I)


  1. Nice stitching as always Roslyn. Enjoy your trip.


  2. I got such a kick out the episode where they explained that the Tardis kind of regenerates too and that all the old doctors "control rooms" were still on her!

  3. Yay for more Doctor Who references. That line is so iconic!

  4. First time reader and new follower from A to Z! Your stitching is absolutely gorgeous! And I love the Doctor Who fandom!

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