Friday, 17 April 2015

O is for Only Oliver

A to Z Challenge - O

I'm landing back in the country this evening, so will hopefully be catching up on everyone's blogs and comments tonight/tomorrow/Sunday

O is for "The only water in the forest is the river"
This line was said by Idris in The Doctor's Wife however doesn't become significant until three episodes later in A Good Man Goes To War.  The episode with Idris rates as one of my favourite episodes, probably second favourite after Blink.  Written by Neil Gaiman, The Doctor's Wife sees the TARDIS' personality/core transferred to the body of a woman, Idris, and we finally get to see what a conversation between the Doctor and the TARDIS would sound like.  I love how crazy and quirky Idris is, and how she and Matt Smith bounce off each other.  It's one of the episodes in which I really do like Matt Smith's Doctor.  The quote "The only water in the forest is the river" is the last thing Idris says, and is a clue for what is about to come and who River Song really is. 

Amy and Rory have a daughter who they name Melody Pond.  In the episode A Good Man Goes To War there is a solider from a forest planet, who sews a present for Amy and her daughter.  It has her daughter's name on it, written in the language of this girl's people.  But she is from a forest planet and the only water in the forest is the river... This had me yelling at the Tv "No! Really? Seriously? No way!!" in excitement as I finally realised who River Song was.  River Song... Melody Pond!! Time travel does mess with your mind.

O is for Oliver Wood
As a 16 year old seeing the first Harry Potter film at the cinema, of course I loved Oliver Wood.  He was gorgeous.  I was very disapointed that he wasn't in the films more.  He is very intense in the novels - focused on Quidditch and nothing else.  I do love how dramatic he becomes about not winning the Quidditch Finals in the first two novels - trying to drown himself in the shower definitely takes the cake.  But the main reason he is my choice for O is because I owe it to my 16 year old self.

Is there a character (Harry Potter or otherwise) you would owe it to your younger self to include in an alphabet?

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  1. I have to agree about that probably being my favorite Matt episode...well that and the ones with David. And I definitely have to agree with you about Oliver, I think he was my favorite character besides Snape!