Friday, 17 March 2017

Feature Pattern Friday - Wicked

Today's Feature Pattern is from the hit West End show, Wicked.
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I'm a huge theatre fan.  I love nothing better than going and watching a live show.  I don't care if it's a musical, a drama, a one-woman-show, a professional company or the local am-dram group around the corner.  Providing it involves people acting on stage, I'm there.  If I can afford it that is!  The two years I lived in London, all my spare cash went on theatre tickets.  I loved the easy access to a huge range of shows, with the added advantage of discount tickets.  During my last 8 days in the UK, I saw 14 different shows.  And I've seen Wicked 4 different times - twice in Melbourne, once in Sydney and once in Brisbane (which I wrote about here).  Did I mention I loved theatre?

Enough about me, here's the pattern!
Elphaba and Glinda.  Cross stitch pattern available from my
Etsy Store
Elphaba's hat was more difficult to design than I was expecting, as was her dress.  The hat is so point it's hard to achieve in pixles, but I finally managed it in the end.  The dress on the other hand... when you actually study it closely, the dress is made up of lots of different patches of colour - blues and reds and purples.  There are some blended threads in the pattern to try and achieve the look.  It was certainly a challenge.  Glinda's on the other hand was just blue and poofy.  It looks much more impressive in the images, but sure was easier to design in cross stitch!

Happy stitching.

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  1. Wicked was fantastic! I'm like you… I love any chance I can get to go see theatre productions!

    I feel like that cross stitch pattern would be fantastic in a little girl's room. I love the quote. :)