Wednesday, 1 March 2017

WIP Wednesday

Checking in on my current Works In Progress.

I've continued to work on my A to Z piece for the April blogging challenge.  I'm making pretty good progress on it, and am about half-way through - first two rows are finished, and the middle row is about half finished.
A to Z Challenge piece

That's all I've been working on from a stitching point-of-view.

In other areas, I've had a couple of customised requests come in this week which I've finished and sent off - one was a sentence rework on the Star Trek Original Series pattern which was a quick thing to do.
Customised quote on the Star Trek piece
I love getting customised pattern requests - people have such amazing ideas, and sometimes what started out as a customised requests get added to my regular pattern line up.  Other times it's just nice to work on something different and unusual.  It can be a lot of hard work sometimes trying to understand what a client is asking for (particularly as everything is discussed via email, and there's usually a delay in communications due to time differences) but the end product makes up for it - when I print the PDF and can say "yes, that's something I'm proud of."

The first round of Conventions is almost here (April), and I need to get cracking on fixing/updating my stock, pattern catalogues, and mini kits.  I need to start pulling some of that out this weekend to have a look at where I'm at so I can put in orders for needed materials.  Only problem with getting ready for Conventions is that it eats into my stitching time.  Good thing I love doing them! :)

Happy stitching

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