Friday, 31 March 2017

Feature Pattern Friday

Today's Feature Pattern is a new pattern featuring a blast from the past.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
I have three younger brothers: Gavin is 3 years younger than me, Colby 8 years and Stephen 10 years.  The younger two quickly learnt that what ever the older one was in to was 'cool'.  One such thing was Power Rangers.  We watched it a bit on TV, but it is the movie I remember most.  Gavin borrowed out the video from the local video shop a few times, then Colby discovered it and followed suit. But it was Stephen who fell in love with it, regularly choosing it as his treat (occasionally, particularly during school holidays, we were each allowed to borrow out a video on a Friday night).  The thing was, we only had one TV and it was in the family lounge room where we basically lived - the toys were all down there, mum's sewing machine, the comfy couches, and my bedroom was a sectioned off corner of the room (my walls were cupboards). So it meant that whenever Stephen wanted to watch it, I would watch it or listen to it as well.  By the time he outgrew it 1) my parents could have bought it several times over with all the hire fees and 2) we pretty much knew it word for word.
Did you know the original movie was filmed in Sydney?  A number
of Sydney landmarks can be spotted throughout the film, including
Sydney  Tower (which Ivan Ooze used as a sword), and the monorail.
My brothers and I used to have fun spotting them when we visited Sydney.
When I heard there was a new Power Rangers movie coming out, I messaged Stephen and said we had to go to the cinema together to see it.  He'd made me watch the initial one on repeat, he owed me!  I complain about it a lot - I actually enjoyed the ridiculousness of the original film and TV show - all the over-acted head movements, the sound effects, the dodgy special effects.  I wanted to see the new film because of nostalgia and to make sure they hadn't ruined the essence of it, and because I enjoy a good superhero film.  
The new Power Rangers
I really enjoyed the new film.  It was a quality superhero film. There was enough setup and information that you didn't have to know anything about the original to understand it.  There was enough new stuff (including the outfits) that it wasn't a straight remake, and plenty of nods/winks to the original so fans (like my brother and I) could squeal and cheer - which we did, in the middle of the cinema last Saturday night.  Important things like "it's morphin time", "make my monster grow", "aye aye aye", the original song (revamped) and a couple of cameos (like the moon).  There was even a hint at a sequel.

As you have probably guessed, today's Feature Pattern is the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
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This is will be my next stitching project.  Austin St. John (who played Jason, the Red Ranger in the original TV show) is coming to Melbourne and the Gold Coast Supanova at the end of April; and Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam, the Black Ranger in the original film) will be at Sydney Supanava. They weren't on screen together, but who cares - they're both "my" Power Rangers.

Guests for Supanova 2017
It's morphin time! Happy stitching.

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