Tuesday, 5 April 2016

D - A-Z Cross Stitch Style

D is for Dragonite and Dean

It's D-Day of the A-Z Challenge.  I'm cross stitching two of my alphabet patterns for the challenge - a Pokemon one and a Supernatural one.  Both patterns (plus may others) are available from my Etsy store.  On with the progress shots!

The Pokemon Alphabet
D is for Dragonite, the dragon Pokemon.  He's just so cute!  He's also the only official sprite who faces the opposite direction, no idea why.  I've changed the pattern in my store so that he now faces the same way as everyone else because it was messing with my OCD.  It also amuses me that he evolves from the snake-like Dragonair... not that the Pokemon evolutions really make that much sense.

The Supernatural Alphabet
D is for Dean Winchester, the elder of the Winchester brothers.  Dean loves pie, music, girls, his car, killing demons, and his little brother.  He's been to hell and to heaven and to all the places in between.  He had to become a surrogate parent for his brother following his mother's death, and his father's obsession with demon-hunting.  For me, he comes across as a more realistic/relate-able character than little-brother Sam - his reactions to people and situations.  Maybe it's because I'm also an eldest child and I know how irritating younger brothers can be :).  The angle of the photo and the loose white threads make his legs look really short.  They aren't that short on the actual stitching, I swear.

Over at Travel Like A Geek I am working my way through an A-Z of the filming locations used in the Harry Potter series.  D is for the Dartford Crossing.

Happy Stitching



  1. Well, Dean is kind of short (especially up next to Sam), but I promise the legs don't look short!

  2. Kudos to your talent!
    Hiya! I'm Shalini and I'm on co-host Pam's Unconventional Alliance Team.
    Dropping by to say hi and good luck with the challenge!
    Let's have a rocking April!
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  3. More fun characters Ros.


  4. Lovely stitching as always!
    The "D" characters turned out wonderful.

    Crafting Paws

  5. Love the D characters. Good luck with the A to Z Challenge

  6. Yay! I love Dean and I totally agree with you that he is much more relate-able than Sam. Sam is much too whiny :) Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

  7. I love Dean too! Reminds me I should continue watching Supernatural. I look forward to seeing your alphabeth.