Tuesday, 12 April 2016

J - A-Z Cross Stitching Style

J is for Jigglypuff and John

The letter of the day is J.  I'm cross stitching two of my alphabet patterns for the A-Z challenge - a Pokemon one and a Supernatural one.  Both patterns (plus may others) are available from my Etsy store.  

The Pokemon Alphabet
 J is for Jigglypuff, the round pink Pokemon.  A favourite of the "Lass" characters who challenge you to battles in the original version of the game.  Jigglypuff evolves into Wigglytuff, who is nowhere near as cute.

The Supernatural Alphabet
J is for John Winchester, Dean and Sam's often-absent father.  I didn't like John.  I didn't like the way the brothers' characteristics changed when he was around.  I didn't like the way he walked out on his sons.  I didn't like the way he forced them into a life that they may not have chosen for themselves.  I'm sure he was written with good intentions but...

Over at Travel Like A Geek I am working my way through an A-Z of the filming locations used in the Harry Potter series.  J is for the Jacobite Steam Train.

Happy Stitching

Ros .


  1. These are really cool! Jigglypuff was always one of my favourite Pokemon in the cartoon.
    Great post and good luck for the A-Z Challenge :)
    My theme for the A-Z Challenge is my favourite fictional characters at ElenaSquareEyes.

  2. I SOOOO agree with you about John!

  3. Lovely stitching Ros.


  4. Looking good!
    I know hardly anything about Pokemon, but I do remember my son telling me about Jigglypuff! I just love the name. :)

    1. I know next to nothing too! I played the game years ago, but have 3 brothers who played it fairly regularly and a sister-in-law the same so I've absorbed some info along the way.

  5. Returning a visit and admiring your stitching! Lovely Etsy shop too :)
    Stephanie Finnell
    @randallbychance from
    Katy Trail Creations
    Stephanies Stuff

  6. J is for JUST AWESOME! I love this concept for A-Z.
    Thanks for stopping by mine.
    Anne M Bray, Tartans A-Z from
    Pattern Recognition