Wednesday, 13 April 2016

K - A-Z Cross Stitch Style

K is for Kangaskhan and Kevin

We're up to K in the A-Z Challenge.  I'm cross stitching two of my alphabet patterns for the challenge - a Pokemon one and a Supernatural one.  Both patterns (plus may others) are available from my Etsy store.  
The Pokemon Alphabet
K is for Kangaskhan.  I'm Australian, so I love this Pokemon on the principal that it's a mutant kangaroo.  Kangaskhan is one of the Pokemon that can only be found in the Safari park in the original version of the game, so you had one chance/opportunity to find it.  You could stay in the Safari park as long as you liked, but once you left, you couldn't return.

The Supernatural Alphabet
K is for Kevin Tran, the new prophet.  This is the first of three characters in this alphabet that I don't know.  I'm still behind in my Supernatural viewings, and I haven't yet reached the season where Kevin appears.

Over at Travel Like A Geek I am working my way through an A-Z of the filming locations used in the Harry Potter series.   K is for Kings Cross Station - home of platform 9 3/4.

Happy Stitching



  1. Kevin was a sad character...he kind of brought the entire mood down for me.

  2. Terrific update, Roslyn! The alphabets are looking really great.
    I love the Pokemon character for this letter; very cute!

  3. I don't know this character either. I'm only at season 6. How far are you in the series?

    Chelsea @ Books for Thought

    1. About half-way through season 7. I was binge-watching on Netflix for awhile, but then needed a break. Will have to get back into it one day soon.