Saturday, 9 April 2016

H - A-Z Cross Stitch Style

H is for Haunter and Jo Harvelle

Today in the A-Z Challenge is H.  I'm cross stitching two of my alphabet patterns for the challenge - a Pokemon one and a Supernatural one.  Both patterns (plus may others) are available from my Etsy store.  

The Pokemon Alphabet
H is for Haunter, the ghost Pokemon.  I love his purple highlights.  I was never a fan of the ghost Pokemon really when I played so really don't have much to say about him.  Should have spoken to my brother and sister-in-law before writing this post! :)
The Supernatural Alphabet

H is for Jo Harvelle, Ellen's daughter (star of the 'E' post).  Jo had a lot of character and spunk - she knew her mind and did her own thing, right up to the end.  Again, she was a victim to the writers' habit of killing off their strong female characters, which was very sad and disappointing, as she was a character I enjoyed watching.

Over at Travel Like A Geek I am working my way through an A-Z of the filming locations used in the Harry Potter series.  H is for Homes.

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  1. Love the colors in Jo Ros.


    1. Thanks Linda. I love the blue in her trousers :)

  2. The Haunter character is great; I really like the purple highlights, too.
    Wonderful stitching!

    Crafting Paws

  3. Jo was a great character on the show. Nice cross stitch.

    Weekends In Maine