Thursday, 7 April 2016

F - A-Z Cross Stitch Style

F is for Farfetch'd and the Four Horsemen

We're up to E in the A-Z Challenge.  I'm cross stitching two of my alphabet patterns for the challenge - a Pokemon one and a Supernatural one.  Both patterns (plus may others) are available from my Etsy store.  

The Pokemon Alphabet
 F is for Farfetch'd, the Pokemon with an apostrophe in its name.  He carries a leek in his mouth, so does that make him a Welsh Pokemon?

The Supernatural Pokemon
F is for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  The Four Horsemen were called by the approaching apocalypse in season 5 prior to Lucifer's release.  In order (from left to right) they are War, Pestilence, Famine and Death.  I liked Famine's incarnation in the show - wheelchair and oxygen tank and everything.  Death is the only one to have continued to reappear throughout the series.  They were rather time consuming to stitch, taking more than a day!

Over at Travel Like A Geek I am working my way through an A-Z of the filming locations used in the Harry Potter series.  F is for the forests.

Happy Stitching



  1. Oh I love your Four Horsemen Ros. You did a great job of designing them.


  2. Wow, really love your stitching!
    The 4 horsemen look terrific.

    1. They did turn out pretty well, didn't they :)

  3. Me personally, I loved Pestilence!

  4. You did it! You got through the one that looked daunting. Great job :) It came out great!

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